Why I Became Vegan

pinterest guac
Recent pin and recipe we tried out

Two words: Vegan. Tacos.


I thought I would open this blog to write about something that’s struck a nerve in me..

Recently, I became vegan.

I know what you’re thinking. “How can she go without cheese? IT’S SO GOOD!”

Here’s how: IT’S FUCKING EASY.

I don’t miss cheese at all!


The thought of eating any kind of dairy makes me queasy. I’d rather eat plant-based food than something that leaves blood on my hands.

Some background info:

  • I’m Buddhist-ish

This means that I actively learn, practice, and engage in the dharma. Part of the dharma is working to end suffering. Which is a good skill to have since we live in such hard times. However, by choosing a meat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free lifestyle, I am able to significantly reduce the world’s suffering simply by choosing plant-based only foods.



Last week, three Boulder and Denver vegans confronted the Dali Llama during his visit to Boulder, CO. They were dragged off the stage for carrying a banner. The Llama had no response. I felt that it was a brave and necessary act to confront him since he is so loved, respected, and adored. It would be nice to see more Buddhists fired up about shit.

  • I love to cook

I spend a significant portion of my free time, along with my partner, keeping our refrigerator stocked with easy grab-n-go vegan meals. We have about 5 dinners we rotate throughout the week, and plenty of fruit, nuts, and chips to snack on.  This lessens the burden of “what are we having for dinner tonight?” Don’t get me wrong, we still ask ourselves this constantly, there’s even a meme:

relationship food
Classical Art Memes on Facebook

I also have a Pinterest account that I look up recipes and inspiring photosets. I like it because there are some seriously delicious pictures (see first photo in this post) that have helped make easy decisions to answer that daunting question, “whats for dinner tonight”

  • I love to cook for others

One of the absolute coolest events I’ve ever participated in, was a pop-up vegan restaurant in St. Louis, MO. The creators of this event really inspired me. Two people collaborated together on this one-time only event, which took months of planning and labor.

Kyle and I were lucky to be hired as the bartenders for the event and work for cash tips!

(These photos are from that night.)

I could go on, but I just wanted to paint a brief picture of something I would like to build towards with a group of friends here in Colorado. Collaborate on food & bev, market to vegans (there are tons here!), and serve up some seriously tasty cuisine.

In conclusion, veganism is: ethics, philosophy, and fulfilling. It’s something that makes me happy mentally and physically, and it is also something I’d like to parley into my career as an entrepreneur. Would you be a guest (or collaborator) at my vegan pop-up?


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