Stream of consciousness blog goals

This particular blog is in the style of stream of consciousness, or morning pages.

Right now, I am focused on refining my writing skills through this blog.

My goal is to write at least one 300-500 word blog per week.

Some of my readers are:

  • People interested in information about cannabis
  • vegan-curious,
  • people currently or in the past affected by both dementia
  • and Crohn’s disease,
  • and those who are inspired by liberal, anarchist, and left-wing politics.

I am working on attracting a following and sticking to a life of discipline because I am building my future through writing. There are a few jobs I am applying for that I would like to show-case my writing too beyond just a resume.

Promoting myself through this avenue is the creation of a brand that reveals itself and grows every week. While my blog may seem all-over-the-place with the spectrum of topics I cover, this is a practice blog for me. A blank canvas.

This is me using the tools that I currently have:

  • a small refurbished MacBook Air that’s over 5 years old.
  • A wifi connection.
  • The ability to type my thoughts quickly.
  • A curious mind that is interested in connecting with humans

When given a topic, I enjoy the researching aspect. I think this is what makes me a good teacher. Research and learn myself, then repeat what I learned in my own words.

Articulating a premise and engaging readers.

This is where I’m at.

Some of where I’d like to be:

  • Hire an editor experienced in tech and graphic design to provide feedback, sort of a mentor, in between college professor and boss.
  • Have a nice office set-up that provides an environment that inspires creativity
  • This includes more up-to-date technology and software, computer, camera
  • Build my portfolio and skill-set that I can take with me anywhere
  • Eventually spend some time living outside the country, learn a foreign language, live on a property with fruit trees, animals, in a place that is pro-community

The style of this blog is stream of consciousness. You see, WordPress tracks my words which is one part I like about this program. As I said, my goal is 500 words once per week, and I am currently at 367.

Another goal I am working on is moving out of our place this month. It is a bit of a stressor, but we are looking forward to getting a roommate and a much cooler space. Something that is bigger and more welcoming to guests. A backyard for Buddy would be nice.

In conclusion, I am making my plan on how I am going to transition from full-time employment into full-time self-employment. Or at least work from home. I love my scenic commute to and from work in beautiful Colorado, but I hate racing to work and putting so many miles on the car every week.

One of my freelance goals is to build a clientele of 1 or 2 households to clean for them once or twice a month. I could make 50-100 each time. So about $50/hr. So if you know anyone who would benefit from this service of mine, let me know!

Ok well it looks like I have finally reached 500 words. Thanks for sticking around and reading! Please feel free to comment below and subscribe to my blog!


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